Write in Me Tray

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Product Description
The wooden Write in Me Tray, is the perfect learning resource to support early mark making skills and letter formation in children! Pour sand, rice, beans, or salt in the tray as a tactile and sensory base and help your child acquire the confidence needed to form letters, numbers and shapes free hand. Using their hands or the writing stick to make marks in the sand, rice, beans, or salt which can be easily wiped encourages children to practice without worry of mistake!


Product includes
Wooden tray, wooden pen and abc flash cards
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Product introduction
Product Name: Write in Me Tray
Material: Beech Wood
Product size: L 15 * W 30 cm
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 2+ years
Care: Use damp cloth to clean

Learning Outcomes Promoted

The Write in Me Tray is the perfect tool for encouraging creativity with the freedom to make patterns and pictures as children please!

The Write in Me Tray is a great motivator to get children writing and expressing their
imagination without fear of making mistakes; simply shake and start over!

Cognitive Development
Different textures can be explored while children practice their letter, number and shape writing!

Critical Thinking
Little learners are encouraged to explore concepts of cause and effect as they experiment with the effects of their movements and the marks left behind in the sand, salt, rice etc.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Children’s hand-eye coordination is supported as they’re encouraged to grasp the wooden pen to bring the letters, shapes and lines to life.

Social skills
Utilizing sand, rice, beans or salt as a base in the tray children are encouraged to expand on their vocabulary and language skills as they describe their play experience.


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