Giant Wooden Dice


Product Description
The Giant Wooden Dice is designed to bring a lot of fun to any existing dice game! The dice can be used by children of all ages and can be rolled one or two at a time! Roll the dice and see where your play takes you! The dice could be used for fun math calculations.

Product includes
Two wooden dice
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Product introduction
Product Name: Wooden Dice
Material: Pure Wood
Product size: L7 * W7 cm
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 2+ years
Care: Use damp cloth to clean

Learning Outcomes Promoted
The Wooden Dice can be used to replace dice in any existing game or can be used as part of a new game entirely!

Encourages imaginative skills by encouraging children to find any loose parts to match the quantities shown.

Cognitive Development
The Wooden Dice can be used to encourage children to recognize the number of dots on each face and associate it with its number name and numeral using any loose parts.

Critical Thinking
Little Learners are encouraged to match the dimples with any loose parts to match the quantities shown.

Hand-Eye Coordination
The smooth indented grooves on the 6 sides of the dice is a great tactile experience for little learners. Throwing the dice also adds as a stimulus for grip.

Social skills
Children’s social skills are encouraged by providing them with an opportunity to associate language of math within the game “I rolled a 6, you rolled a 4, I rolled a higher number”.


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