Wooden Street Play Track


Product description
This Wooden Street Play Track is crafted for many years of imaginative play! It is the perfect stand-alone set that can be combined with any automotive (cars, planes, trucks, buses, trains). The road void of grooves allows children to combine their favorite vehicles with the set. An open-ended resource that fosters creativity in children and leads to imaginative play!

Product includes
Fourteen wooden track pieces

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Product introduction
Product Name: Wooden street play track
Material: Wood
Product size: L20 * W10
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 2+ years
Care: Clean with damp cloth

Learning outcomes promoted
1. Develops narrative and creative thinking.
2. Exercises problem solving and critical thinking.
3. Encourages connection and hand-eye coordination skills.
4. Promotes both fine and gross motor skill development.
5. Fosters cooperative and group play.



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