Read it! Make it! Write it!


Product Description
Read it! Make It! Write It! Board Is a fun and creative hands-on activity for children that encourages self-expression while building both art and literacy skills. With the help of sight word cards, chalk, or any items available at home it is great for helping children to learn to read and write words. Provide a word card or form a word with the wooden alphabets for children in the ‘Read it’ box and have children try and say the word. Encourage children to use manipulatives like playdough to make the word and then write it on their own.

Product includes
1 Wooden board, 26 wooden alphabets.
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Product introduction
Product Name: Read it! Make It! Write It Board
Material: Beech Wood
Product size: Wooden Board – L 48 * B 30 cm
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 2+ years
Care: Use damp cloth to clean

Learning Outcomes Promoted

Creativity Little learners can use this hands-on board to bring reading and writing to life. The open-ended chalk board offers children an avenue to express and grow their literacy skills at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to use their imaginations by creating their own words and depictions/representations of the words!

Cognitive Development
Perfect for preschool through elementary–level children growing their literacy skills. Fundamental skills of literacy such as reading, writing and articulation are promoted through board.

Critical Thinking
Aimed at improving comprehension and retention the board sets the tones for solving more complex problems as children grow and develop.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Children’s hand-eye motor skills is promoted through manipulating the playdough or any home available items to create the words or utilizing the chalk to grow their fine motor skills.

Social skills
Children’s social skills are supported as they make logical connections between the words they see, and the words they say.


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