Math board


Product Description
Math, numbers, quantities, and mathematical concepts come to life through this Math Board. Providing children with a combination of learning opportunities such as number recognition, matching quantities to numbers and simple addition and subtraction in a fun way that makes math relatable!

Product includes
One main wooden board, twenty-three blocks (with numbers on both sides along with +, -, =, ? signs).
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Product introduction
Product Name: Math Board
Material: Beech Wood
Product size: L22 * B45 cm
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 4+ years old
Care: Use damp cloth to clean

Learning Outcomes Promoted


Children are encouraged to think outside the box by using any objects of their choosing to depict the quantities of the numerical value chosen. Imagination Simple math problems “2+2” become elaborate scenarios (I have 2 buttons and mom has 2 buttons, how many buttons do we have all together?).

Cognitive Development

The Math Board is such a great resource for hands on learning and aids in building the foundations for understanding sums and differences.

Critical Thinking

Little learners can use this hands-on board to simplify concepts of math. Critical thinking is supported as children make the leap from number recognition to understanding values and quantities.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Through using loose parts to count, sort and arrange, children work in their fine motors along with their math’s skills.

Social skills
The Math Board makes mathematical ideas “real” by using objects to depict the meaning of worded math problems. Children’s social skills are encouraged by providing them with an opportunity to narrate the mathematical problems they solve!


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