I Spy Shape hunt


Product Description
The perfect open-ended wooden guide for children as they begin their discovery of shapes, scale, perspective, and depth! As children use the “magnifying glass” and peek through the holes, they are able to play with concepts of shadows, and perceive how object look the same or different. The I Spy Wooden Shape Hunt can be used in a myriad of other ways such as: to trace through as stencils or to peer through. This toy helps children express all that they imagine while building on mathematical concepts of shapes.

Product includes
Ten different shapes.
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Product introduction

Product Name: I Spy Shape hunt
Material: Wood
Product size:  L 20 * W 10 cm
Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for Children: 2+ years
Care: Use damp cloth to clean

Learning Outcomes Promoted
Creativity fosters mental growth in children, and the open-ended shape magnifying glass aids in this by allowing children to make their own designs and utilize the wooden looking pieces in their own ways.

The I Spy wooden magnifying glasses can be used by little detectives, police officers or doctors. It serves as the perfect tool to extend on role play opportunities and narratives.

Cognitive Development
Fundamental mathematical concepts of comparing, sorting and matching are encouraged through the use of the fun shapes. A self-correcting way to enhance visual discrimination.

Critical Thinking
The I-Spy wooden magnifying glass challenges children to decipher between similarities and
differences in everyday objects.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Children’s hand-eye coordination is supported through the use of the one-handed wooden magnifying glass, as children peer through the holes or trace the shapes their fine and gross motor skills are being put to work!

Social skills
The I Spy Shape Hunt encourages children to find objects and then name or describe them,
incorporating both their social and language skills.


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